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About Mario Simoes

Spoke live to over


people since Aug./2013

Author and Speaker specialized in Communications, Motivation, Relationships and Leadership. 


Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team and Trainer for John Maxwell’s Equip “Million Leader Mandate”. 


International Faculty of Haggai International for Advanced Leadership – where he teaches on personal, business and trans-cultural Communications to professionals, businessmen and leaders from emerging nations. 


Besides the US, ministered in Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. 


Founder of Preparing Generations International School. Bilingual school for children K-12. 


Married to Priscila in 1990 and father of Felipe and Davi.

Former Public Relations and Communications Advisor for the U.S. Consulate in São Paulo (1995-2001). Personally met President Bill Clinton. 


Worked as C.E.O. of the Willow Creek Association, renowned global organization responsible for Leadership Development through the Leadership Summit. 


Graduated in Broadcast Journalism from L.S.U. (Louisiana State University), in 1987. Studied at the Baptist Theological Seminary of São Paulo. 


Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. 


Lived in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 


Author of the books: “The 4 Seasons of Life”, 

I am Third” , "My Work, My Ministry", "Secrets of Success in Marriage", "Giving up is not an option!", "The Marvelous Story", "The Winners' Trail " and many magazine articles on the subjects of success, leadership, motivation, and personal development. 

Books transform!


The Marvelous Story of My Life!

How to write and live a story of significance

This book is the story of your life: original, unique and marvelous. It’s an autobiography filled with adventures. There are some chapters marked by drama and suspense, however it’s a beautiful romance toped with moments of comedy and laughter.


Nevertheless, this book is loaded with inspiring examples of overcoming actions from beginning to end!

Like everyone else in the world, you were bestowed by the Coauthor and Chief Editor of Life with a book containing many blank pages. In reality, some chapters were different seasons of life, without ever knowing which one will be the final chapter to be written. However, we all have the opportunity to live and write with passion the marvelous story of your lives.

In order for your life to have meaning, live each day as if it were your last one. Write each word, phrase and page as if they were the last ones.

Discover how you can live and write the marvelous story of your life. 


Chose from 2 programs: 

Do it by yourself Program or Do it with a Coach Program.

The 4 Seasons of Life

How to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities! 

​Life is short and time passes quickly.  The memories of childhood, the vigor of youth, and the first successes as an adult seem to have happened only yesterday.  There were many experiences, opportunities, joys and disappointments, hits and misses, victories and defeats, successes and failures.  Each one happened at a certain time, in a period or season of your life.

In the book "The 4 Seasons of Life" you will understand what season you were in when you went through certain experiences in your past.  You will also discover what season you are living in right now and will be challenged to discover the opportunities, experiences and lessons God wants to teach you.

The 4 Seasons of Life will inspire you to overcome life’s toughest challenges and maximize life’s greatest opportunities! Just as the four seasons of the year- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - rule and influence each year, there are four seasons that mark and influence each phase of our lives.


Discover what season you are living in right now, its challenges and opportunities, as well as the lessons God wants to teach you. Also, learn how to relate to other people that are going through a different time in their lifes.

My Work My Ministry

How your work can make a difference in the world!

Allow me to introduce you to a concept that radically transformed my professional and ministry life. Once you grasp it and put it into practice, your life will never be the same anymore because you will know and discover your purpose and potential. Then you will be able to develop a plan of action and experience the true prosperity that God already prepared for someone so special as you.

The revolutionary concept is this: My work is my ministry! 


To the already famous “10/40” window we can add the “9 to 5” window that opens every morning at nine and closes every day at 5.  Business hours, or better, ministry hours!  Every day God opens this window of opportunity so that we may interact with people we know and people we don’t know.  In some way we may be able to influence their life through a word of encouragement, a gesture of love or an act of service. 

Giving up is not an option!

Transform your Obstacles into Triumph.

This book was written for those who are experiencing difficulties and challenges in their marriage, in their relationship with someone in the family, at work or with a friend.


It was also written for those who want to exercise, lose weight or have a healthier life. 


It was also written for those who are facing a serious illness with a long recovery time. 


It was written for you who have strenuously battled to break the chains of drink, tobacco, drugs or any other vice. 


This book was written for you who have lost a job after many years of dedication and effort and now cannot find new employment because of your age. 


It is also for those who risked everything on a business that was very promising but never took off, and for this reason, literally thousands, or millions, of dollars were lost and it’s time to start over again. 


This content is for those who have stopped dreaming or smiling or those who yearn to form a beautiful family but have not yet found the person of their dreams. 

Online Courses
"Yesterday's innovation may become today's stagnation.

Today's innovation may become 

tomorrow's transformation."

Mario K. Simoes
"Excel in God’s Word and He will open the Windows of heaven for you."
Mario K. Simoes

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