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Life is short and time passes quickly.  The memories of childhood, the vigor of youth, and the first successes as an adult seem to have happened only yesterday.  There were many experiences, opportunities, joys and disappointments, hits and misses, victories and defeats, successes and failures.  Each one happened at a certain time, in a period or season of your life.

In the book "The 4 Seasons of Life" you will understand what season you were in when you went through certain experiences in your past.  You will also discover what season you are living in right now and will be challenged to discover the opportunities, experiences and lessons God wants to teach you.

"Books that move beyond theory to life-application interest me.  That's why I find The 4 Seasons of Life a compelling read.  Mario Simoes moves beyond the classroom discussions of 'time management,' into the arena of how to not only define the 'season' of life you and I are experiencing, but how to live within that season a life "on purpose."
John D. Hull - President/CEO, EQUIP Leadership (John C. Maxwell, Founder)

“We live in a world where most people want quick fixes to deal with their pressures, pain and problems in life. I believe that the insights that Mario has shared in this book will give needed principals and guidelines to individuals, couples and families that will change their perspective toward themselves and others. The sooner we realize that God is leading us in the different seasons of our life, we will be able to better navigate through the obstacles that we face and turn them all into opportunities. Thanks Mario for sharing your journey in the Seasons of Life.”
Dwayne Betsill - MS Psychologist, Businessman

"When I began reading "The 4 Seasons of Life" in English, I was inspired to read more intensely.  I praise God for Mario Simoes to pen those thoughts the Lord had placed in his heart.  It is totally a new concept and approach. It is not just a book; it is a workbook which challenges you to introspect and write your personal journal. Mario has written this book in a lucid style with illustrations and anecdotes. It helps you to examine your own life and assesses the season that you are in. I recommend this book as a study material in your churches, Sunday school classes and small groups."
Prof. Arthur Dhanaraj - Vice President,  International Training,
Haggai Institute for Advance Leadership Training

“Employing a familiar framework ("seasons") and easy and passionate prose, Mario Simoes invites us to consider the unique realities each of us must confront in negotiating life's rhythms and seasons.  Drawing on a lifetime of rich experience and biblical truth, readers are sure to be encouraged (as I was) by a work which is straightforward and practical yet honest and deeply insightful.” 
Roger Taylor, Ph.D. - President, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

“It’s been said, “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional.” In this helpful book, The 4 Seasons of Life, my good friend, Mario Simoes, offers us timeless wisdom and insight for turning the inevitable change that new seasons bring into something positive, productive and growth-producing in our lives. Read it and grow stronger in your current season of life!” 
Cal Rychener - Sr. Pastor, Northwoods Community Church

“The 4 Seasons of Life" is a MUST read!  It does not matter where we geographically live, we all experience the changing of the seasons in our own lives.  This book will help you understand the "changes of the seasons" and that with God's love and hand in our lives, all things are possible. This book offers anyone the chance to learn how to love and forgive others, the same way we need to love and forgive ourselves.”  
Jennifer Kaiser – Owner, The Kaiser Insurance Agency.  


“The 4 Seasons of Life is wonderful! The book captures the essence of life though the eyes of one who has "been there and done that!" Recently my 15 year old son was wounded in a random shooting in a public place; an innocent bystander who's life was nearly ended by a senseless act of violence. While he survived the shooting, there is still much heartache and pain to endure. The 4 Seasons of Life has helped me to put these events into biblical perspective. This book is filled with scriptures that will speak to your heart and give you practical ideas to help you through the Season you are in. A quick, important, and practical devotion for our times!”
David Day - President – The Day Group

“I've known Mario Simoes for twenty years and I can assure that what you are about to read will challenge your spirit.  I can testify that Mario's life is a vivid example of what a true leader should be. He’s not only a loving husband and father but also an investor to the new generation. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the wisdom in this book and apply it to your life. It will help you prepare your steps and enhance your leadership skills. And yes, there is a leader in all of us.”

Adlan Cruz - International Concert Pianist

“Excellent for all leaders in all seasons of life. A great primer for life preparation and making a difference. Great read Mario!"
Jeff Appling - Leadership Trainer for Equip / Senior Pastor, The Grove Church

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